August 31, 2009


Even with the best of all intentions, deadlines fall by the waste side and the productive muscles atrophy. I try to refute the label "Jill of all trades" because it implies "master of none". Yet I do take on a wide variety of tasks, projects, and hobbies. Yes, even hobbies. You are probably wondering how someone who teaches full time and is in a PhD program has time to entertain hobbies. Well, somehow I do- and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I am productive and efficient with work and school and family and life. Sometimes, I'm not.

So, what do you do when multi-tasking turns into multi-slacking? If I had that kind of advice I would probably be typing in my Word document right now, rather than blogging. But alas, both windows are open. So is it a choice to blog rather than work on my article or put the final touches on my syllabus or call my mother or text my boyfriend or email my adviser? Choices. Hmm. I do have the best of all intentions- juggling multiple commitments. Commitments. Hmm. I know that the overall point of all of my multiple tasks on pages and pages of "to do" lists are designed to keep me balanced in all of the areas of my life. Balance. Hmm. So why does it seem like I can't commit to the multiple choices? Why do I feel so out of balance?

Is it really possible to multi-task? Or are you always doomed to feel like you're multi-slacking? Can you ever really be a Jill of all trades? Or are you doomed to be the master of none? That makes me wonder who came up with this idea about balance anyway. I thought it was suppose to improve my mental health. It seems that having balance in your life is somehow related to balancing on a tight rope. Or am I missing the point of balancing? It wouldn't be the first point I've ever missed.

Here's the deal. I hate slackers. I hate slacking. Yet in my search for a balanced life of more than just work and school, my multi-tasking has become multi-slacking. I want to do it all, have it all, be it all. And maybe I'm feeling like the Master of none. Yet, I want to be the PhD of one. Hmm. I do suppose this should have some priority in my life. It's just so weighty. To counter balance it also takes a lot. Hmm. Counterbalance.

There's a lot to think about. I guess I'll start by switching back to my Word document.


Karen Zgoda said...

Wonderful post - I know exactly what you mean!

miranda said...
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Laura Campbell said...

As you can see, we're all on your blog instead of finishing up our eternally-growing To-Do lists for our program (forget the To-Do lists for everything else). You seem to have it much more in control than I do being in my 2nd week of the program (yet 2nd year of my phd research). Your distracting blog brought a smile to my ADD-face! :)